Customer Car Feature: Honda Accord Euro Luxury 2007 

April 13, 2018

Customer Car Feature: Honda Accord Euro Luxury 2007 

The Honda Accord Euro has been one of the best selling cars in Honda’s history and was regarded as one of the best buys for it's time with strong on-road performance and an understated style to match.

The engine features a 2.4 litre Honda V-Tec engine with variable valve timing and lift which made for solid 140kW in performance. It came in two models, a 5 five speed automatic and a six speed manual, which at the time was cutting edge when the car was first released back in 2003.

The Honda Accord developed popularity from car enthusiasts and quickly developed as a hot car to modify. Let's hear from our customer and the work they've completed on their own Honda Accord.

What kind of car do you own?

Honda Accord Euro Luxury 2007 

How long have you owned the car?

I have owned this car for just over 1 year now. It’s my first car and I haven't owned anything prior to it.

Why did you choose this car? What appeals to you the most?

I love it because it’s a sexy car when it’s fully modified and something I've had my eye on as my first car for some time.


What work have you completed on the car so far (please be as detailed as possible)?

So far I've completed the following on this car:
  • Tips
  • Resonator delete muffler delete
  • Headers
  • CAI
  • Pod filter
  • Module body-kit
  • Mugen spoiler
  • Side/roof visors
  • Stow bar
  • CS lip
  • Rear diffuser
  • BC coils

What work would you like to do to your car in the future?

One of the top priorities I have right now is to put turbo in my car.


What type of bodykit does have on the car?

On the car currently is:
  • Genuine Mugen body kit &
  • CL9 CS style front lip from Ausbody Works


What mistakes have you made? Did you waste money on trying to change your car?

When I first purchased my car it was 100% stock and since then I've completed a tonne of modifications on it. I don’t regret wasting money on it because I love how she looks and I haven't made any mistakes so far. If cars are something you love and you enjoy improving performance and styling then there is no better feeling. When you take it out on the road you people stare or friends appreciate it then it's a great feeling.


What would you recommend to other car enthusiasts about owner a car like yours or more generally in terms of upgrading an existing car? Any advice, tips or tricks?

I’ll tell others all the time, if u like the looks and you are a P plate drive then get a euro, it's a great first car that can look fantastic when modified. However if you want speed then there are probably other cars that are better for you.



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