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Below we've answered some of the most common questions we're asked by our customers. If you can't find an answer to your question below, feel free to get in touch with us. 


How do I know if a bodykit product will fit my car? 

If you are uncertain of whether a product will fit your vehicle, we would recommend that you read the listing description.

We’ve included a “fits only” section, if your vehicle is not listed on here, the product will not fit.

Alternatively, you can compare your cars shape to the one in the listing photos.

Our products are designed via 3D scanning, this ensures the product fits the exact shape of the car in the listing title. Unfortunately, any slight differences can cause the product to fit incorrectly.


Can I test fit the product on a different model car and return it if it doesn't fit?

We do not allow returns for purchases if it's not for the advertised intended model. 

Our products are based on 3D scans of respective vehicle models. This is why they are usually dedicated to a specific model. Even similar vehicle models will show discrepancies when it comes down to details, and these small differences mean that products dedicated to one model will not fit a different one. 


What is the cost of shipping for bodykits and accessories?

 The website will calculate shipping when you put in your address and checkout


What if I’ve received the wrong product?

If you believe you have received the incorrect product as it does not fit your vehicle, we ask that you email us at with the following information as it will speed up the process and allow us to properly investigate:

  • Order number
  • Photo of the product
  • Photo of the product code (look for the sticker with a barcode on)
  • Photo of the product code engraved on underside of product, where applicable.
  • Photo of your vehicle

We appreciate that we are requesting a lot of photos, however, doing so enables us to be thorough and provide you with a quick and helpful response.


Can I order other Maxton Design products not listed on the website?

Yes, we can order these in for you. Please email us with the product codes of the ones you are after.


Can I install the product myself?

We would always recommend professional installation, however you can Youtube maxton design installs for a good idea of what is needed.


Does AusBody Works install bodykits?

No, we don't do installs but we know of some great installers who offer a high quality service at fair and affordable prices. If you're in Sydney, please send us an email and we can recommend some installers for you.


How do I pick up my body kit?

Please text our warehouse manager to organise a pick up - 0449858577. Please note, pick up time are normally after standard hours.


Are your products in stock or shipped from overseas?

All items on our website that are listed in stock is located in our warehouse in Condell Park, Sydney unless specifically stated on the listing otherwise.