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HSV Maloo 304 Stainless Steel Twin 3inch Varex Valved Cat Back Exhaust

$2,300.00 AUD

Elevate your VF Maloo's performance with the premium Xforce Cat Back System. Expertly crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel, this system showcases twin 3" piping for unrivaled power optimization. The dual hot dog center section produces a commanding exhaust note that captures attention. Enhanced with slip joints for tailored adjustments, achieve the perfect harmony of fit and sound, all while retaining the factory bumper tips. Embark on a journey of driving excellence as you unleash your Maloo's potential with the distinguished Xforce Cat Back System. Prepare for an exhilarating experience each time you hit the road. Equipped with Varex muffler valve technology, Whether you're seeking a refined purr for city cruising or an aggressive growl for track days, the Varex system delivers on-demand sound customization like never before with the key fob remote. Upgrade your driving experience with the ultimate blend of power, style, and control. To take thing to the next level add Smartbox to your vehicle for the ultimate in app control for the Varex system. For all info on Smartbox CLICK HERE
  • Twin 3" polished stainless steel
  • Twin hot dog centre section
  • Varex oval rear mufflers
  • Adapts to factory bumper tips
  • Does not come with tips
  • Image for reference only