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Subaru Impreza Raw 409 Stainless Cat Back System with Single Tip

$575.00 AUD

Elevate your Subaru Impreza RS G3 Hatch's performance and style with the Xforce Exhaust System. Crafted from durable raw 409 stainless steel, this 2.5" pipe work system is designed to optimize exhaust flow and enhance your driving experience. The strategically placed center resonator ensures a balanced tone while minimizing drone, delivering a smooth and refined exhaust note. The system features oval rear mufflers that not only improve airflow but also provide a sporty aesthetic. Complete with a stunning 4.5" polished tip, this Xforce Exhaust System adds a touch of elegance to your vehicle's appearance.
  • 2.5? pipe work system
  • Raw 409 stainless steel
  • Centre resonator
  • Oval rear mufflers
  • 4.5? polished tip