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WH to WL Statesman Twin 3" Varex Valved Cat Back Exhaust

$1,599.00 AUD

Upgrade your Holden Statesman with the Xforce Exhaust System for unmatched performance and an exhilarating driving experience. Constructed from raw 409 stainless steel, this system features twin 3" pipe work for optimal exhaust flow and durability. The Xforce Exhaust System is designed with precision, incorporating two straight-through mufflers in the center to minimize restrictions and maximize power. At the rear, a dual in & out Varex muffler takes the performance to the next level. With Varex technology, you have the ability to adjust the exhaust note, allowing you to switch between a refined and subtle tone or a deep and aggressive growl, all at the push of a button. Experience the perfect balance of power, control, and customization with the Xforce Exhaust System for your Holden Statesman. Elevate your driving experience and make a bold statement on the road. Upgrade today and unleash the true potential of your vehicle.
  • Twin 3? pipe work
  • Two centre straight through mufflers
  • Varex muffler rear section
  • Twin 3? tips
  • Image for reference only, system may differ