4 Best Body Kits for Golf GTI MK7

Hero Image Credit: www.autoevolution.com

Have you purchased your Golf 7 GTI and are looking for a kit to bring it to the next level, but not sure where to start? Let us introduce you to four of the best full body kits available, to give your MK7 the ultimate facelift.

Rocket Bunny Kit

Made in Japan from the highest quality FRP (fibreglass reinforced plastic) materials available, it’s no wonder the Rocket Bunny kit is admired by and sought after by racers, installers, car show winners and enthusiasts from all over the globe. Unlike others on the market, the Rocket Bunny kit is not mass produced – each top quality kit is produced with the utmost precision. Ensuring sufficient curing times allows the prevention of distortions, resulting in a first-rate aero kit that is superior to many others on the market.

The Golf GTI MK7 Rocket Bunny kit includes the following:

  • Front Lip Spoiler
  • Front Lip Bracket Bar
  • Front Fenders
  • Rear Fenders
  • Rear Spoiler

With modification to the rear fenders, the kit is able to fit the 3-door model.     

4 Best Body Kits For Golf GTI MK7 Rocket Bunny Kit 
Image Credit: www.motor1.com

R400 Kit

If you’re after the aggressive look of the iconic Golf R400 concept car (which appeared at the Beijing Auto Show in 2014), look no further than the sporty R400 full body kit, manufactured by ECS Tuning. The R400 kit is primed in grey, all set for painting (a test fit is encouraged before painting). Constructed from high quality polyurethane (both durable and flexible), this kit will update the look and dynamics of your Golf 7 GTI, turning into a show-stopping ride.

The Golf GTI MK7 R400 kit includes the following:

  • Front Bumper (including headlight washer caps)
  • Front Lip Spoiler
  • Side Skirts (existing side skirts will need to be removed, if currently fitted)
  • Rear Bumper (including reflectors)
  • All necessary hardware

It is important to note the following regarding the R400 kit:

  • Front bumper design: not suitable for vehicles with custom fog lights
  • Rear bumper design: includes holes for cars with Park Distance Control (can be filled prior to painting if required); modifications are required re: central exhaust exits

4 Best Body Kits For Golf GTI MK7 R400 Kit

Image Credit: www.ecstuning.com


If a dynamic, bold look is what you’re chasing for your Golf 7 GTI, you can consider the ASPEC PPV400 kit.

This full aero kit features hood vents on each side of the engine designed to accelerate heat emissions and improve cooling effectiveness. The side skirts enhance the width of the car, and alongside the rear wing, offer increased stability when driving at high speeds by increasing pressure.

The Golf GTI MK7 ASPEC PPV400 kit includes the following:

  • Front Bumper
  • Grille
  • Hood
  • Mirror Shells
  • Side Skirts
  • Rear Wing
  • Rear Bumper

4 Best Body Kits For Golf GTI MK7 ASPEC PPV400 Kit

Image Credit: www.aspecproducts.com

Maxton Kit

Produced throughout Europe and renowned for their high quality construction from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material, Maxton offers an array of stylish Golf GTI MK7 kit components, available here from AusBody Works, including the following:

  • Front Splitter
  • Side Skirts
  • Rear Side Splitters
  • Rear Diffuser
  • Spoiler Cap

The front splitter and side skirts visually lower your vehicle, and the front splitter also offers improved grip and stability. All of the above items come in black and are ready for mounting.

With an assortment of Golf GTI MK7-compatible body kits available, you have a number of options to take your car from standard to show-stopping.

4 Best Body Kits For Golf GTI MK7 Maxton Kit