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6 Factors to Consider Before Buying Your First Body Kit

August 29, 2023

6 Factors to Consider Before Buying Your First Body Kit

It’s no secret that the addition of a body kit to your car can take it from stock standard to head-turning in no time. With a large array of manufacturers and components to choose from, there are several factors worth taking into consideration when deciding which body kit is best for your car.

Below we discuss what factors you should consider before you purchase and install a body kit on your vehicle.


Let’s admit it, slapping sleek mods and upgrades onto your car is an expensive hobby.

That is why setting a budget is always a great place to start before going ahead and purchasing a body kit – here’s why:

  • A budget ensures you spend within your price range
  • Frees you up from any stress of over-spending or potential future debt
  • It helps you to narrow down your options in terms of the look you are going for, as well as available kit types, manufacturers, materials and components

When setting up a budget for your next car upgrade, don’t forget to include potential postage/shipping costs, and installation costs as well.

The look you want to achieve

With so many different body kit options available in the market, you can go for whatever look you want. Whether it’s sleek and athletic, bold and aggressive, or an extreme show-stopping look you’re chasing, there’s bound to be a body kit out there to suit the look you’re after.

Depending on your taste, there are many options regarding the colour and applicable finish of body kit components. If performance also plays a part in your choice, take note of the weight of components as well as any aerodynamic features.

Your Car Insurance

Now, before even buying anything, calling and speaking to your insurance company is a must. Talking to them about your plans to purchase and fit a body kit allows you to know what’s possible and what’s not.

Doing this may save you future headaches because not all kinds of modifications on your car are covered by your insurer. There’s a different set of rules when it comes to car mods, depending on what insurance you have, so it’s better to talk to them about it.

The last thing you want to happen is to spend all your money on car mods and not make any insurance claims in case something happens to your car.

Body Kit Materials

Body kits are manufactured from an array of different materials, each of which varies concerning pricing, weight (and therefore performance), durability and repair ability. Some of the most commonly available materials are:


Although of medium weight and low durability and flexibility, fibreglass kits are a popular choice amongst car enthusiasts as they are inexpensive and somewhat straightforward to repair. Fibreglass kits are a great option if you are seeking to individualise your vehicle without adding significant weight. 


In comparison to fibreglass, polyurethane kits will set you back a bit more money and are more cumbersome in terms of weight. However, they are renowned for their flexibility and durability and are somewhat straightforward to repair.

Carbon Fibre

Unlike polyurethane kits, carbon fibre kits are lightweight and are therefore a popular choice for car enthusiasts looking to improve performance. Although they aren’t for everyone - carbon fibre kits are relatively expensive, and unlike polyurethane kits, lack flexibility and durability. It is also of value to note that body kits manufactured from carbon fibre are relatively hard to repair.

Body kit components

Now you have an understanding of different body kit materials, as well as a budget and knowledge of the look you’re chasing, the next step is to decide what components you wish to add to your vehicle.

In the world of car modifications, there are several components available in the market to enhance your car's appearance and performance. Common body kit components include:

It’s also worth researching an array of different manufacturers (and corresponding retailers e.g. AusBody Works), and consider which kit(s) and components get your attention. Be wary of and sure to understand any requirements for the installation of the kit, such as the removal or modification of existing parts.

If you find you like different components from different manufacturers, you may have the option to compile and install your unique body kit, setting your car apart from the rest.

It is worth checking any relevant state and/or local laws before purchasing your kit, to ensure all components are “street legal”, to save any potential hassles in future.

Body kit installation

So, you’ve decided upon and bought the body kit you love. If you are a keen mechanic as well as a car enthusiast, it may suit you to install the relevant body kit components yourself.

If you don’t feel confident or aren’t interested in doing so, take the time to research a professional mechanic workshop that can complete the job for you. Choosing the right mechanic to install your body kit is crucial to ensure a seamless and professional installation.

Here are several tips when looking for a mechanic:

  • Pick someone who's done the specific mod you’re going for many times.
  • Look for positive reviews or recommendations from friends or online
  • Always ask for pictures of their previous installs and to see if they’re legit
  • They should be familiar with your specific car model because even the littlest details in your car may have an impact on your body kit installation.
  • Choose a mechanic who knows how to listen. They should discuss the process and listen to your ideas. You’re the client, after all.
  • Make sure they have the right tools to execute your plan.
  • Check if they offer insurance for accidents or warranties for future issues
  • Mechanics who care about small things looking neat are the best ones, trust us
  • They must give you clear pricing and a breakdown of the costs
  • Car mods may take more than a day so they should tell you how things are going.

Remember, a well-installed body kit can significantly enhance your car's appearance, but a poorly executed installation can have the opposite effect. Take your time in selecting the right mechanic to ensure that your vision for your car comes to life in the best way possible.

By following our tips above, you'll be on your way to taking your car from 'the everyday' to a showstopper in no time!

If you have any questions about body kits or any of our products, you can always get in touch with us here at AusBody Works. We’ve been supplying people all over Australia with high quality body kits at affordable prices. Talk to us today.

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