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Customer Car Feature: 2017 Ford Focus ST with Maxton Front Lip and Skirts

February 26, 2018

Customer Car Feature: 2017 Ford Focus ST with Maxton Front Lip and Skirts

Ever wondered what it's like to kit out your own car or start your own car project? Maybe you're interested in a bodykit for your 2017 Ford Focus ST and want to see which kits are the best on the market?

The following is a car feature from one of our customers here at AusBody Works. Over the coming months we'll be featuring many customer cars and detailing the work our customers have completed including any tips and tricks they have for you, if you decide to upgrade your own car.

What kind of car do you own?

2017 Ford Focus ST

How long have you owned the car?

I've owned the car for over 8 months now.

What did you own prior to your current car?

2009 Subaru xt SH Forester 

Why did you choose this car? What appeals to you the most?

I've always been a Subi (Subaru) guy but I also loved the style and interior of the Ford Focus St. Subaru didn’t offer a hatch back in their latest WRX models so I felt it was time to have a change and to give the Ford a go.

What work have you completed on the car so far?

At this stage, I've not made a huge amount of changes. To this stage it's been mainly appearance based mods after spending a large amount on my previous car Subaru xt Forester. I wanted something that was solid straight out of the factory.

Mods so far:

  • Tinted windows
  • Lowered on whiteline springs
  • Maxton body kit front lip and side skirts
  • Velossa tech wing risers
  • Gel badges white
  • Cobb high flow filter
  • Gurney flap 

Ford Focus ST 2017 with a Maxton bodykit

What work would you like to do to your car in the future?

I'm considering an upgrade from the Focus ST to a WRX Ti or Focus RS, so I'm not sure how much future work I'll be considering for it .

In the future I may do:

  • Cobb access port and tune
  • Work emotion rims 18x9
  • Cobb short shift bracket 

What type of Bodykit is on the car?

I purchased the Maxton front lip and skirts from AusBody Works and I'm very happy with the aggressive styling of the car.

Ford Focus ST White with Maxton Bodykit

How have you improved the performance? What parts or tuning has been completed? 

To date, I've only lowered the car. Unfortunately I spent too much on my last project so the funds in reserve are on short supply.

What would you recommend to other car enthusiasts about owner a car like yours or more generally in terms of upgrading an existing car? 

If you're going to start kitting cars, or tuning your car for performance, you just need to make sure you love doing it and don't make the mistake of expecting to get your money back on it.

This is one expensive hobby.

But, if you love your car go ahead and do it because you'll get alot of enjoyment in doing so. If it’s what you love there is nothing like the feeling of your individuality and pride from something that you have created

Subaru Forester Modifications

For those of you who might be interested in the modifications that I completed for my Subaru you can check them out below.

  • Full Subaru bodykit
  • voltex 3piece splinter
  • 18"X9.5"+38 work emotion T7R bronze
  • xyz coilover suspension
  • custom jdm badges gold badges
  • whiteline 22mm rsb
  • Whiteline 24mm fsb
  • Batch front strut bar
  • VF52 turbo
  • Mishimoto alloy radiator and hoses
  • Cobb adjustable short shifter
  • Pierberg 3 port
  • xforce 3" tbe exhaust ceramic high flow cat
  • Aem cai intake
  • Process west TMIC
  • Turbosmart kompact bov
  • custom tail lights tinted
  • phillips silver vison.indicators
  • phillps white vision globes
  • debadged tailgate
  • Black brembo front brakes and slotted rotors brand new brake pads
  • wrx sports seats
  • pioneer headunit double din
  • 08 sti steering wheel red stitched
  • Hella super tones
  • kap industries extinguisher bracket and extinguisher

2009 Subaru xt SH Forester Black With Body Kit

Looking for a Bodykit for your Focus ST?

AusBody Works offers high quality, stylish, yet affordable ABS & Polyurethane body kits imported into Australia. We currently stock Ford bodykits for Ford Focus MK3 ST, Focus RS3 and XR5 Turbo and will be adding more kits to our range shortly.

If you're looking for a high quality body for your Focus ST that you'll love and that will help you take your car to the next level - shop with AusBody Works today.


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