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Top Mods for the Mustang GT MK6

October 18, 2018

Top Mods for the Mustang GT MK6

Hero Image Credit: 4wheelsnews.com

Looking to add a little something to embellish the look or enhance the performance of your Ford Mustang GT MK6? You are on the right track.

The Ford Mustang GT MK6 is both a beauty and a beast. It’s one of the most captivating muscle cars on the market, and it’s also ranked among the most thrilling-to-drive performance cars in its segment. Yet even with such praise, it still leaves a lot of room for improvement.

Before you start modifying your Mustang GT MK6, however, you need to think about where you want to go with the modification process and how much you intend to spend. Generally speaking, most Mustang GT MK6 owners fall into two main categories in this respect.

The first category is those who intend to keep their cars as street cars. For many such drivers, the performance of the Mustang GT MK6 (0-100 km/h time of 4.3 seconds or less, 460-horsepower V8 engine) is more than adequate for street driving. Most street-driving Mustang GT MK6 owners are likely to tweak the car’s performance a bit while improving its appearance and sound.

The other category is that of track- or racing-focused Mustang GT MK6 owners. These are the individuals who intend to go all out and really push the performance limits of their cars.    

Regardless of which category you are more aligned with, here are some of the top mods that you can get for your car:

Wheel and Tyre Setup

Changing your car’s wheel and tyre setup is going to make it stand out, and it’s also going to improve the car’s performance. The base Mustang GT/GT Premium MK6 models feature 18-inch alloy wheels with P235/50WR18 tyres. If you have the Performance Package, your car has 255/40R19 front/ 275/40R19 rear wheels with 19-inch alloy wheels.

Both options are OK, but many Mustang GT MK6 owners claim that the stock tyres in both options do not offer enough grip. Therefore, you would do well to get stickier tyres, and your car would also handle better with lighter, wider wheels.

Image Credit: vehiclemgz.com

Lowering Springs

Lowering springs are another great mod option for this car. Immediately after you install them, you’ll notice a change in handling, thanks to their higher spring rates and the lower centre of gravity that they bring. There are many lowering spring options available, so you have to shop for them with your end-goal in mind.

There are lowering springs that are all about lowering the car’s ride height as much as possible (ideal for show cars). There are also lowering springs that offer a balance between a lower stance and improved handling, and there are also drag springs. Aesthetically speaking, lowering springs are going to eliminate that unappealing wheel gap that the Mustang GT MK6 comes with from the factory, so they are going to make your car look really good.

Exhaust System

You should also consider modifying your car’s exhaust system. Doing so will improve the engine’s output and fuel efficiency, as it will enable the engine to breathe better; an aftermarket exhaust system is also sure to deliver a more aggressive exhaust note.

There are several exhaust modification options on the market, so what you get depends on your budget. If you have a tight budget, you can install a resonator delete x-pipe. You’ll have to take out the Mustang GT MK6’s resonator to install the x-pipe. If you have more money to work with, you can install a new cat-back exhaust system. Going for the full cat-back exhaust system delivers additional horsepower and a richer, deeper exhaust note.

A Tune and a Cold Air Intake

Even if you do not intend to race your Mustang GT MK6, you should consider getting its ECU remapped. The Mustang GT MK6 has reportedly responded very well to even a minimal amount of tuning. The tune will transform the car’s driving dynamics and will make it much more fun to drive. You can choose to use recommended handheld engine tuning devices, or you can take your car to your trusted auto shop, to get a custom tune.

Along with the tune-up, you should also consider adding a cold air intake. A cold air intake forces more air into the fuel combustion mixture in the engine, which results in more power and torque. Therefore, you are assured of quicker acceleration and improved fuel efficiency by adding an aftermarket cold air intake.   

Ceramic Coating and Window Tinting

Two other mods that ought to go together are ceramic coating and window tinting. Imagine how awesome your car looks after a professional cleaning and waxing job. Your car is going to look even better when it gets a ceramic coating. 

With ceramic coating, a clear coat that includes a liquid polymer is applied onto your car. The liquid polymer chemically bonds with your car’s paint, creating a brilliant coating that can only be removed by abrasion. If you really want to make your Mustang GT MK6 stand out, ceramic coating is a great place to start. The best part about ceramic coating is that it can last the entire lifetime of the car. Along with ceramic coating, you might also get your windows tinted, to finish off that really sleek look.  

A Body Kit

The Mustang GT MK6 can look really good when fitted with the right kind of body kit. The Maxton Design Ford Mustang GT MK6 body kit is an excellent body kit choice because it complements the car’s aggressive and sporty demeanor.

The Mustang GT MK6 is already stunning on its own, so the ideal body kit for this car should help to bring out its aesthetics instead of giving it a whole new look. Maxton Design’s Ford Mustang GT MK6 body kit is comprised of a Maxton front splitter, side skirts, rear side splitters, and a spoiler cap, and it is made using a high-gloss ABS resin.

A Supercharger

If you intend to race your Ford Mustang GT MK6 in muscle car competitions, or if you are serious about increasing the output of your car’s engine, you should also consider supercharging it. A supercharger can increase your engine’s output by up to 200 horsepower.

Be aware that if you choose to go in this direction, you must first prepare your car to handle such massive doses of additional power and torque. Some of the mods that you must get if you are planning to supercharge your car include wider wheels and stickier tyres, a more aggressive suspension system setup, a stronger driveshaft, and an appropriate engine tune.

Being a trusted, established auto parts vendor that is known for selling Mustang GT MK6 aftermarket parts and components, we at AusBody Works offer more choices and the assurance of original, top-quality parts.

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