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Audi S3 8V FL

Shop Audi RS3 8V FL Body Kits

The beauty of cars is that it can be modified however you want, whenever you see fit. The RS3 didn’t need a facelift according to some fans of the vehicle but Audi came out with a version that had all the bells and whistles of the base RS3 but with a better car handling feature. It gives off a more mellow sound so waking up the neighbours whenever you rev up the machine shouldn’t be a problem anymore!

Maxton Design of Poland has several options for your Audi RS3 8V FL whenever you feel the urge to the car revamped (which is, to be honest, most of the time). Browse through accessories such as side skirts, splitters, spoilers, and many more through our website. AusBody Works is a proud official distributor of Maxton Designs, a European company that focuses on making car accessories for exceptional car brands.

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