2003-2005 Peanut Eye Subaru WRX STI Front Lip Polypropylene

$189.00 AUD

Brand ABW
Style STI Style WRX STI Front Lip
Material Polypropylene (PP)
Fitment 2003-2005 Peanut eye Subaru WRX STI



Guaranteed fitment!

Kit Includes:

  • 1x WRX STI Front lip
  • Set of screws for installation

This is a STI style Polypropylene front lip that attaches to the base of the original front bumper of all Subaru WRX STI 2003-2005 Peanut eye models. All mounting screws are provided.

Comes in black matte plastic colour. The front lip can be used as is or painted.

Easy Installation. You will need to drill holes for all Polypropylene front lips like this. Instructions not included.

We do not bend or fold our lips when we send them out. However, if you do receive your lip that is distorted because of shipping, do not panic. Please use a heat gun on the affected area and bend it back into shape. Our Polypropylene (PP) front lips have qualities that allows for bend and flex. This process is also possible by leaving it out in the sun for a couple ours prior to fitting.

If you would like to confirm you are purchasing the correct part/accessory suitable for your car, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We recommend a professional to install at all times but here’s a general installation guide:
Fit the front lip onto the bumper of your car to know where and how it lines up. Once you are comfortable with how it sits you can prep for painting if needed (sand, primer, etc).
We recommend you use 3M double-sided tape (not included) for a firmer hold. Sand down the inner edges of the lip (where the lip and car will touch) and then re-clean that area. Apply 3M double-sided tape to where you just sand down and fit the lip onto the car.
After the front lip is mounted, use a heat gun or hair dryer over the whole lip. The heat will help the polyurethane lip mould onto your car for a glove like fitment. Once you’re satisfied with how it is, use the screws provided underneath and on the sides of the bumper.