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VW Golf GTI MK5 Turbo Back Exhaust System

$1,650.00 AUD

Upgrade your VW Mk5 Golf GTI with the Xforce Performance Exhaust System for unrivaled power and an aggressive sound. This system features a high-quality 3.5" downpipe that smoothly transitions to 3", equipped with a high flow 200 cell metallic cat converter and a flex bellows for optimal exhaust flow. The included 3" cat back completes the package, providing a dual 3" outlet tip for a stylish and sporty appearance. Experience enhanced performance and throttle response with the Xforce Performance Exhaust System. Its precision-engineered design ensures a perfect fit and easy installation, allowing you to unleash the true potential of your Golf GTI. Stand out from the crowd with the deep, powerful exhaust note that will turn heads wherever you go. Upgrade your VW Mk5 Golf GTI today with the Xforce Performance Exhaust System and enjoy a thrilling driving experience like never before. Unleash the performance of your Golf GTI and make a statement on the road.
  • Fits Models from 05/2005 to 09/2009
  • 3.5" Downpipe that reduces to 3"
  • 200 Cell high flow cat converter
  • High quality flex bellows
  • 3" 304 stainless steel pipework
  • Round resonator center section.
  • Single in dual out straight through rear muffler
  • Dual polished 3" tips
  • Requires tune after installation