Customer Car Feature: 2017 MK7.5 Golf R Wolfsburg Wagon with Maxton Bodykit

If you own a Golf R MK7 and want it to stand out on the roads then this article is for you. We're going to help you find the best body kits in the market and how you might get the most out of the after market performance of yours.

However, If you're considering this beast as a potential new car then brand new the Wolfsburg Edition is going to start from $57,990 for the hatch, and $59,990 for the wagon brand new. The wagon comes complete with all-wheel-drive and an aggressive 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine designed to give a smile for anyone that drives it.

It's well known for brilliant road-and-track handling and driving it becomes incredible addictive with 206kW of power and 380Nm in torque at your fingertips. It's quickly become a fan favourite for owners looking for performance, style and on road functionality.

Listed below you'll find more details on one of our customers MK7 Wolfsburg Wagon the performance or style enhancements they've currently completed with tips and advice for other owners looking to do the same.

What kind of car do you own?

2017 MK7.5 Golf R Wolfsburg Wagon

How long have you owned the car?

I've had the car for 3 months now and prior to that I was driving a BMW 435I

Why did you choose this car? What appeals to you the most?

In my opinion, the interior is pretty special for the price. It's far better than my 435I which costs twice as much. It also has a powerful engine which is easily tuned to give the performance of super car.

What work have you completed on the car so far (please be as detailed as possible)?

I've got a lot of things I want to do to this car but for now my car has the following added to it

  • APR Stage 2 - Forge Intake
  • CTS Turbo Inlet
  • DP
  • Wagner
  • Intercooler
  • Springs
  • Spacers

What work would you like to do to your car in the future?

In terms of future work, I've got a few things planned. Firstly, the cat back exhaust system is yet to come out, so that will be one of the next on my list.

In terms of styling I'll be looking at a rear diffuser, painted roof rails and rear section at the top of the tailgate and also installing a rear spoiler.

What type of bodykit does have on the car?

So far on this car I've put the following:

  • Maxton Front Splitter
  • Maxton Side skirts
  • Maxton Rear skirts
  • Reare spoiler yet to be installed.

How have you improved the performance? What parts or tuning has been completed?

So far I've completed the APR Stage 2 as well as installing the parts listed above. I'm yet to dyno my car but can already feel the difference. 

I'm hoping the car can achieve 0-100km/ph in 3.75s or thereabouts as it's a wagon.

What mistakes have you made? Did you waste money on trying to change your car?

I'm yet to make any mistakes with the upgrades with the work I've completed on the car. I'm really happy with everything so far and can't wait to do more work.

What would you recommend to other car enthusiasts about owner a car like yours or more generally in terms of upgrading an existing car? Any advice, tips or tricks?

One thing I would recommend is getting all the body kit parts as it immediately makes the car look special, and it's not expensive, and you can probably install it yourself to save money.

APR Stage 1 is all you need for performing tuning as it's the best value for money tune. Stage 2, with what i've currently done, has cost over $5,000 without achieving the same gains I made in APR Stage 1.

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