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Six Best Car Modifications To Maximise Performance & Style

May 08, 2018

Six Best Car Modifications To Maximise Performance & Style

 We know you love your cars and we do too. But, are you an enthusiast that wants your ride to reach maximum performance? Do you sometimes wish your beast had more power, more style and more smoothness so other drivers would take more notice on the roads?

The great news is you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to maximise your cars performance. In fact, you don’t even have to trade up to get what you want.

Car lovers, just like you, have become very fond of tinkering and modifying their shiny four wheeled machines and these are six of the best modifications you can make to maximise performance, handling and style.

 1. Cold Air Intake

This is one of the most popular modifications you can make as it’s cheap, relatively easy to install and it will improve your acceleration and fuel economy straight away.

cold air intake is like an amazing medicine that finally allows your engine to finally breathe. It's like the moment a marathon runner, running on a 40 degree day, feels cool air breeze by, it helps lift your performance.

A car is exactly the same and engine air temperature makes a huge difference in your car’s performance. A normal engine provides warm and cold air as required, but a cold air intake directs cool air directly into the internal combustion engine creating more performance and efficiency.

This works because cold air is dense, has higher oxygen levels and greater dynamic combustion as a result. Your engines is going to love this and it will breathe and perform better after this modification.

 2. Exhaust

You might not realise but your car exhaust system is not just for giving your car that deeper growl you’ve always wanted.

Stock exhaust systems after often more restrictive and are designed for noise restriction more so than maximising your cars performance. I’m not saying that your vehicle is made poorly, but most manufacturers are looking for cost effective options when building their car lines which doesn’t always result in the best performance.

When it comes to upgrading your car, installing an aftermarket exhausts system can help your car blow air out more efficiently. By allowing gas to escape faster, your engine breathes better and air exits your combustion champers more quickly.

A modified exhaust system such as a high flow exhaust, induction kit or performance sports exhaust relieves pressure and improves airflow, which in turn improves acceleration and fuel economy. J

Just remember you need to be aware of legal requirements and noise restrictions.

3. New Tyres

A good set of high performance tyres improves fuel economy and handling. It’s also an easy modification from your local tyre shop to do it in under a couple of hours.

Power and performance are important, but when it comes to handing, road grip becomes even more important. The simple task of regularly checking your tyre air pressures can be the first step to improving your performance on the roads.

Larger tyres allow for stiffer setups with your suspension and reduce sidewall flex, which in turn can improve your handling. Tyres that are more expensive are created using better technology and higher end rubber materials, which will result in more grip, better traction and smaller increases in your cars wheel torque.

It pays to research your tyres before you invest. This upgrade might be a consideration you might make when looking to upgrade your stock rims to something that suits your style.

4 . Spark Plugins

High quality spark plugs produce more power and economy as engine combustion quality is higher due to an improved spark ignition in the cylinder. Spark plugs produce a voltage spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture in the engine.

    If you have no spark then you have no air fuel combustion and old spark plugs can cause this critical process to become far less efficient.

    Replacing spark plugs is a normal part of regular car maintenance and we’ve included the modification here as they are easily forgotten but changing spark plugs is both easy and relatively cheap.

    HID4 headlights

      HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlights have been around for a while now but regular old-fashioned halogen lamps still dominate our roads.

      HID headlights actually double the driver’s vision, are relatively cheap, look great on the road, and are easy to install yourself.

      You can even custom select the specific colour temperature you prefer. Old headlights do not even come close to comparing any more.

       Car Body Kit

        For most car enthusiasts, upgrading your body kit is the first thing you want to do to improve your style. An aftermarket body kit can take your car from stock-standard to something that demands attention on the roads.

        Car body kits don’t have to be expensive either, depending on the model of car and the materials your kit is made from will determine the price. But remember that if you want to maximise performance then different body kits materials can result in better performance from your car too, it pays to do your research.

        Here at Aus Body Works we are Australia’s no #1 online store for body kits and we specialize in high quality, stylish, yet very affordable ABS and Polyurethane body kits and the only supplier of Maxton kits in Australia.

        If you’ve got a performance car then chances are we have a kit to suit your taste and budget.

        So what’s next?

        Car enthusiasts know there are heaps of great modifications which can be made to their beloved vehicles. Our top six list points you in the direction of improved performance, handling and style done easily for a price that won’t break the bank.

        If you're in the market for a new body kit while not contact us at Aus Body Works to see how we can help.


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