Customer Car Feature: Toyota 86 with Chargespeed Skirts & GT Front Lip

The Toyota 86 is basically a two seater sports cars, with two small seats in the back, and developed by both Toyota and Subaru.

It's well known for its boxer engine, 149kw front engine and rear wheel drive packed into a stylish coupe style body that makes it a fan favourite around car enthusiasts and performance car modifiers.

At AusBody Works the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ are some of our best selling body kits which shows just how popular they are. In fact the Toyota 86 was one of the few cars that actually sold out on launch in August 2016.

Below we highlight our customers new Toyota 86 and some of the modifications they have or want to make on it.

What kind of car do you own?

Toyota 86 with Chargespeed Skirts & GT Front Lip.

How long have you owned the car?

The car is only a recent purchased and i've only had it for just over 1 month.

What did you own prior to your current car?

Prior to upgrading to the Toyota 86 I was driving a Holden Astra.

Why did you choose this car?

I chose this car because it’s an amazing car! It looks great and feels great when driving and there are many ways to improve performance with aftermarket parts.

What appeals to you the most?

The front lip that I purchased from Aus Body Works because it looks amazing!

What work have you completed on the car so far (please be as detailed as possible)?

  • Valenti Rear Tail lights
  • Chargespeed skirts
  • GT style front lip.

What work would you like to do to your car in the future?

I've purchased an exhaust system (Purchased and waiting for my Catback). I also want to get a full system from headers back.

I might also consider fuel rail, injectors and maybe forced induction when possible plus a tune!

Finally, I'll also nice wheels to go & a rear diffuser. 

What type of bodykit does have on the car?

AusBodyWorks chargespeed skirts and GT style lip. 

What mistakes have you made?

I made some mistakes when spray painting one of the side skirts without first sanding it down or using a primer.

Did you waste money on trying to change your car?

Yes but not that much! So i've only wasted money on a few materials I purchased for DIY painting.

What would you recommend to other car enthusiasts about owner a car like yours or more generally in terms of upgrading an existing car? Any advice, tips or tricks?

I would highly recommend trying to do basic things yourself such as changing lights and other minor modifications. However if you’re unsure about something make sure to ask around or get a professional to do it!

Do it once and do it right even if it cost a bit more because mistakes will almost always be more expensive.

I always take the approach of better to be safe then sorry, you don't want issues occuring due to your actions and decisions. The Toyota 86 is an amazing car for teenagers which makes you feel in control of the car the whole time!


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