Why the Toyota 86 is the Perfect First Tuning Car

Welcome to the world of tuning, where the Toyota 86 reigns as a top choice for car enthusiasts looking to customise their ride. Known for its agility and style, the Toyota 86 is not just a car; it's a canvas ready for your personal touch.

At AusBody Works, we specialise in upgrade kits that transform your Toyota 86 from factory stock to a street-ready masterpiece. Whether you’re new to tuning or a seasoned pro, our selection of body kits is designed to suit your needs and unleash the true potential of your Toyota 86.

Let’s dive into why this car, and our products, are the perfect match for you to get your tune on.


One of the most appealing aspects of the Toyota 86 is its accessibility. Unlike its counterparts, the Subaru BRZ or more expensive sports cars, the Toyota 86 offers a thrilling experience without breaking the bank.

This cost-effectiveness extends to tuning as well. At AusBody Works, we believe that upgrading your ride should not cost an arm and a leg. That's why we offer a range of body kit options and car parts that provide significant enhancements in power, torque, and aesthetics, all at a price that makes tuning accessible to more enthusiasts.

Whether you're looking for minor tweaks or major transformations, our upgrade kits are priced to match your budget and your passion for tuning.

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

The Toyota 86 is not just a performance vehicle; it's a statement of style.

With its sleek lines and aggressive stance, it naturally catches the eye. But why stop at factory looks when there is a big wide world out there of body kit options to elevate the aesthetic of your Toyota 86 (and you can get them from us here at AusBody Works)?,

Whether you're drawn to the subtlety of minor enhancements or want a full transformation with a wide-body kit, our options allow you to express your unique style.

From upgraded intakes that not only improve air flow but also add visual flair, to custom spoilers that add a touch of aerodynamic finesse, your vehicle can look as powerful as it performs. Importantly, each body kit is designed to complement the existing lines of the Toyota 86, ensuring that your car not only stands out but also maintains its iconic balance and beauty.

Performance Enhancements

At AusBody Works, we're dedicated to boosting not just the look but also the performance of the Toyota 86. Our selection of performance parts focuses on enhancing the power and efficiency of your vehicle. We offer high-quality exhaust systems and cat-back upgrades that are specifically designed for toyota 86 tuning to improve the performance.

Our High Flow Cat Pipes and Header Back Exhaust Systems are engineered to improve engine breathability and power. These upgrades enhance horsepower and torque, making your Toyota 86 more responsive and vigorous. For enthusiasts who enjoy customising the sound of their vehicle, our Varex Valved Cat Back Exhaust Systems allow for adjustable sound levels—from a quiet purr to an aggressive roar—letting you dictate the acoustic output to match your driving mood.

Each component is designed to integrate flawlessly with your Toyota 86’s factory settings, ensuring enhanced performance without sacrificing reliability or fuel efficiency. Whether you're preparing for track day or enhancing your daily driving experience, our tuning parts elevate your Toyota 86’s capabilities to new heights.

Handling Improvements

The Toyota 86 is already renowned for its stellar handling and driver-focused experience, but there's always room for refinement. At AusBody Works, we offer a selection of enhancements that not only improve the aesthetic of your Toyota 86 but also its performance dynamics, particularly in how it handles the road.

Our range of aerodynamic components, like front lips and side skirts, is designed to do more than just enhance the visual appeal—they actively improve the car’s aerodynamics. These modifications can reduce lift and increase downforce, translating into better grip and stability, especially at higher speeds. This means more confident cornering and an overall improvement in driving response.

Additionally, for those looking to sharpen their Toyota 86's agility, our polyurethane rear diffusers and rear pods help manage airflow and reduce drag, further enhancing the vehicle's handling characteristics. These components not only give your car a more aggressive stance but also contribute significantly to its performance by optimising airflow around the chassis.

With AusBody Works, upgrading your Toyota 86 is about achieving a perfect balance between form and function. Our kits ensure that your car isn’t just a pleasure to look at, but a thrill to drive as well.

Tune Your Toyota 86 With AusBody Works

Choosing the Toyota 86 as your tuning platform offers the perfect blend of style, performance, and affordability. At AusBody Works, we are dedicated to providing high-quality body kits and performance parts that elevate your Toyota 86 from a standard vehicle to an extraordinary one. Our extensive range of products not only enhances the look of your car but also its driving dynamics, making every journey more exciting.

Whether you are looking to personalize your ride with stylish body kits or boost its performance with our exhaust and aerodynamic upgrades, AusBody Works has everything you need to transform your Toyota 86 into the car of your dreams. Experience the joy of driving a car that truly reflects your personality and passion for automotive excellence.

Ready to take your Toyota 86 to the next level? Check out our range of body kits and performance parts for your Toyota 86. Start your journey towards a more thrilling drive and let us help you make your mark on the road. Contact us now, or browse our products online, and discover how easy and accessible it is to enhance your Toyota 86 with the best tuning products on the market.